Breast Correction in Houston, TX

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About Breast Correction

Breast correction procedures can be performed for a variety of reasons to allow women to feel more confident. At our Houston, TX facility, Dr. Aldona J. Spiegel provides breast correction for women with breast asymmetry and congenital defects, or those who are born with hypomastia. As a female breast reconstruction surgeon, Dr. Spiegel knows the importance that breasts contribute to a woman’s perception of her body and sense of femininity. All women should feel beautiful and confident, and corrective breast surgery may be able to help. During a consultation at our Houston facility, Dr. Spiegel will work to understand your unique needs and goals before formulating a customized procedure plan that is ideal for you. Learn more by contacting our practice to schedule an appointment with us today!

Am I A Candidate for Breast Correction?

There are several conditions and concerns that can be effectively corrected through a breast correction procedure by Dr. Spiegel, including:

  • Hypomastia: A condition categorized as the post-pubertal underdevelopment of breast tissue.
  • Congenital defects: A number of congenital defects can become noticeable during the development phase of a woman's breasts. These can cause differences in the shape, position, and size of one or both breasts.
  • Asymmetrical breasts: This occurs when one of the breasts is different in shape, size, and location from the other, causing an imbalance.

Prior to creating your treatment plan, Dr. Spiegel will evaluate your medical history and have a thorough consultation with you. Additionally, she will conduct a physical exam, take photographs, discuss your goals and concerns, and talk with you about your correction options. Your treatment options could vary, depending on your lifestyle, activity level, medical status, body type, and expectations.

Breast Correction Treatment Options

Dr. Spiegel will curate your specialized surgical treatment plan based on the degree of difference between the size and shape of your breasts. Additionally, she will take other factors into account, including your body type, age, and skin condition. Some of the techniques and procedures that could be included in your procedure plan are: 

  • Breast augmentation: This procedure includes the placement of an implant in one or both breasts to increase their size, create symmetry, and reposition them. This technique may be especially beneficial for women with breast asymmetry in order to equalize both breasts. Additionally, it can be used to create the appearance of larger breasts for patients with hypomastia or a congenital defect. 
  • Breast reduction: Breast reduction may be ideal for patients who have breast asymmetry and are wanting to match the larger breast to the smaller one. Based on the difference in size and nipple position, this could be performed along with a breast lift on one or both of the breasts.
  • Breast lift: A breast lift technique is usually performed in combination with either a breast reduction or breast augmentation to ensure optimal balance. This procedure lifts and tightens the breasts in addition to repositioning the nipple to fit the new breast height. 
  • Fat grafting: Similar to a breast augmentation procedure, fat grafting helps to increase the volume of the breasts. However, instead of using an implant, fat grafting works by taking fat from an area of the body and injecting it into the breasts. Since fat injections and the survival rate of transplanted cells can be unpredictable, this technique may not be ideal for every patient.

Your breast correction procedure could include one or a combination of these procedures, depending on your concerns and goals. In your consultation, Dr. Spiegel will carefully evaluate the current condition of your breasts and your desired outcome to create a treatment plan that is best for you.

After Your Breast Correction

Following your breast correction procedure(s), Dr. Spiegel will provide you with all necessary aftercare instructions to allow you to heal properly. You may also need to wear specific compression garments for an amount of time during your recovery. Additionally, you will need to attend follow-up appointments at our Houston, TX facility so that Dr. Spiegel can monitor your healing process and make sure you are recovering well. We also encourage you to contact our practice if you have any questions or concerns after your procedure. 

Learn About Your Correction Options

Breast correction can be a useful procedure option in helping you feel more confident in the shape, size, and position of one or both of your breasts. Dr. Spiegel and her skilled team will work with you to create the best possible treatment option to adhere to your goals and concerns. Contact our Houston, TX facility to learn more and to schedule your initial consultation at our practice. 

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