Information About Breast Reconstruction Procedures

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The DIEP flap breast reconstruction involves microsurgical techniques that keep your ab muscles intact during the harvest of fat to recreate a breast.

When you need more fat than what your abdomen has to rebuild your new breasts, Dr. Spiegel can perform an SGAP flap surgery with your buttocks tissue.

The LAT flap breast reconstruction may be needed when you can use an area of the back when you have too little tissue on your abdomen to harvest.

Most patients do not have enough fat on the upper back for TAP flaps alone in breast reconstruction, but this area may be harvested for small defects.

As a two-stage breast surgery, implant-based breast reconstruction involves the use of a tissue expander and then implants in a follow-up surgery.

If you qualify for direct-to-implant breast reconstruction, you will not need a first-stage tissue expander or a second surgery for implant placement.

We have reconstructive services for women who have had a lumpectomy (a section of a breast removed) or will need a lumpectomy in the near future.

As an alternative to unsuccessful treatments like compression garments or lymphatic drainage massage for lymphedema, we can try a lymph node transfer.

We can use a surgical technique called neurotization that may return feeling back into your reconstructed breast after a mandatory mastectomy.

Cosmetic 3D nipple tattooing is offered to our patients through an independent tattoo artist, Renee Maschinot, who has 30+ years of experience.

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